The rules have not changed since then, our genetics are the same, and what has helped people to preserve health earlier, they will help them today. In order to feel healthy, lose weight and do everything you can to feel good every day, and then you will only need to follow these five simple rules.

Do not enter poisons in the body

There are many toxic things in our environment that come into our body. Since some of these things addiction, many people find it hard to avoid them. Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs are some of these things. Moderate alcohol consumption is good for those who are tolerant of it, but cigarettes and drugs are harmful to everyone.

Practice and move

To maintain general health, it is important that your muscles are active. Exercise is not only good for gaining muscle mass. It is true that you will look better if you exercise, but these are just the outer results of the exercise – it is also important to preserve the health of your body, brain and good functioning of the hormone.

Sleep as a baby

Good sleep is important for general health. Studies have shown that lack of sleep is associated with many diseases, including obesity and heart disease. You have to find time to get some sleep. If for some reason you have a problem with insomnia, contact a doctor. You can apply these four tactics to sleep better:

– Do not drink coffee late.

– Go to bed and be awake every day at the same time.

– Sleep in complete darkness, without artificial light.

– Mute the lights in the house for several hours before you lie down to sleep.

Get rid of stress

How we feel and the way we think is of great importance to general health. That’s why it’s very important to get rid of stress. Stress can increase the level of cortisol and damage the metabolism. It encourages the desire for fast food, is responsible for fat accumulation in the area of the stomach and increases the risk of some diseases.

Keep yourself healthy

The healthiest are those who are eating healthy. Eat unprocessed foods, buy groceries and prepare meals yourself. It is best to eat moderately and combine meat and plants in the diet. Eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, bring in healthy fats, oils, and high-fat dairy products. If you are healthy, lean, and active, you can freely enter unrefined carbohydrates. These include potatoes, leguminous vegetables and gluten-free cereals, such as oats and rice.