Depending on the job, various injuries may occur. In today’s time, people most have problems with spine and joints. Why is it so? The body has most of our working hours standing in one position, it was sitting or laying. In case of sitting, there is inactivation of the spine of the muscles and injuries, or diseases such as lumbar pain syndrome and others. When it comes to standing, the biggest load is our knees and the transverse impact joint. In the event that it does not respond to the time, serious consequences can result in severe recovery, but insufficient complete incapacity for work.

Injuries that can arise at work and their treatment

1) Exercises for Discus Hernia

One of the most common injuries, illnesses is the discussion of a hernia. It occurs when the discussions between the sprays move and circulate and move from place to place. This can lead to a stinging nerve and cause great pain. Exercise Recovery Exercises (spine in the spine field) can include the launch and / or download of certain passive positions

2) Exercises for legs on the legs

Put your right hand on the Achilles’ left-hand chord, and tighten the article on the thumb and folder. Pull your fingers toward the list, slowly massaging your leg. After you massively massage a sheet of one, repeat the entire procedure with the other foot.

3) Better circulation

Sort books up to 15 centimeters high. Sit on a chair and put your feet on books, away from the table ten centimeters. Shake your feet for a few seconds, then relax and stay in the seat for a few more minutes.

4) Relaxation of the leg muscles

Place barefoot on a plastic ball and roll it with the whole surface of the foot. Repeat the same practice with the other foot. When you sign up, try running from both feet at the same time.

5) Neck exercises

In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, the most important thing is to relax the neck muscles. To achieve the advice is to put a withdrawn and warm towel around the neck and shoulder section. As soon as the feeling of heat disappears, remove it and start exercising.

– Left-right – Turn your head slightly to the right, until it starts to hurt you, hold a little in that position, and then return to the starting position. Do the same to the left.

– Beard on the chest – Put the paint slowly on the chest, hold it a little, then relax, then return