According to the definition of the World Health Organization, “health is not just the absence of disease but also complete physical, psychological and social well-being”, and in recent years the definition has been extended to include the ability to lead “a socially and economically productive life”. Health is a state of complete, physical, psychological and social well-being, not just the absence of disease. Modern science quantitatively defines health as a sum of “reserve capacities” of basic functional systems. In that sense, it is necessary for each individual to consider whether he only consumes and reduces the health reserves by his way of life and whether he makes enough to preserve and improve his health. Because health is not just our property.

Hereditary factors of health

Health is not inherited only from ancestors, but is also borrowed by human beings from their descendants. The length of life and health reserves are not defined solely by inheritance. They are also influenced by other factors, above all, by the way and the conditions of life and work. The health of a modern man is mostly endangered by overweight and inadequate nutrition, insufficient physical activity, stressful overuse, environmental and workplace pollution, harmful habits, etc. The excessive diet in combination with hypokinesia and excessive nervous-emotional loads causes the greatest number of modern diseases of the civilization: musculoskeletal system, heart and blood vessels diseases, respiratory organs, welding and various nervous-emotional diseases.

How to maintain health?

Movement, optimal physical activity, is a condition for the preservation of human health and the normal functioning of organs, systems and human organism as a whole. Any excessive limitation of motor activity in contradiction is with man’s biological nature. It causes various disturbances and disruptions of the functions of the most vital organs and the system of the organism, which are initially only functional and later organic. The lack of optimal physical activity is best and easiest to compensate for the appropriate sports recreation programs. It seems difficult to maintain health today. There are many recommendations, and many experts give contradictory advice. But preserving health is not that complicated business. People were much healthier before, before the diet and “healthy” products became popular. Health care for young people is a medical area of great importance. Due to the fact that it is largely preventive, timely implementation can lead to real psychic, physical and social well-being